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The design process, cost and time frame all depend on the scope of work. After you contact me we will discuss your needs in-person (preferred) or via emails and phone. Upfront I will need your realistic deadline and what you already have and what you don't have in order to accomplish the job. Design work is always a back and forth process of proofs/feedback/modifications. The more clear you are about what you want before you contact me, the less time will be wasted and the less the cost. I will ask you many questions to narrow things down.... sometimes clients don't know what they want and that's okay too! For instance, clients sometimes have a clear idea of a logo image... most do not and trust me to "go for it" so to speak. 

THINGS TO REMEMBER: Some types of jobs take longer than others so try not to wait until the last minute before you need something! Also, the design process is only one step. If you are needing things printed or manufactured, you will be in the queue of that entity as well, so plan ahead.

LOGO DESIGN: Often this takes several weeks of development with the designing of several different "roughs" before honing in one direction; proofs/modifications; tweaking and more before having a production file ready to go. This means it is important to think about this long before you desperately need one! Or at least be prepared for the process. Logo cost is not determined by the hours of development, but rather a range of "flat" rates. Your logo is the face of your business. It goes along with your branding and so it's value is more than the hours it takes to design it.


COSTS: I ask that you stay on top of regular email correspondence as the expediency of your project will depend on regular file sharing, questions/feedback, etc. There is an extra charge for any research (i.e. print outlets, comparison quotes, manufacturing items, etc.)  Extra fees may also include any meetings, final file downloads & postage & handling fees. A RUSH fee will be charged for last minute jobs, especially ones that are quite involved. I have an hourly rate, yet many jobs have a flat rate range. I will email you a standard "Rate Sheet" upon request or give one to you when we meet. 

My goal is to make you, your business or your event look great and for you to be happy with the results!

SO LET'S GET STARTED! For downpayments and full payments, please send to:

graphic design / illustration / mix-media art / music by Andrea Lecos
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