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“I always look forward to the opportunity to work with Andrea.  Her designs

are original, sophisticated and effective and I’m always impressed by her diligence in seeing the project through, from the moment of inception to the details about printing and distributing.  Additionally, Andrea has years of experience as an artist, graphic designer, and promoter so choosing to work with Andrea means gaining the benefit of her thorough knowledge about every step of the marketing process.”

~Annette Pretorius, Director - Blue Sage Center for the Arts

"Andrea and I have worked on various projects for a number of years now. She's never missed a deadline, and she's often well ahead of it.  When we are working on a marketing project, I know she will go the extra mile to follow through and make sure the information was received.  She takes real ownership of her work.  I like her style, and her creativity mixed with her professionalism is what really sets her apart."

~Rob Miller, Proprietor - Pickin' Productions

"Andrea is very talented, in so many arenas!  She has designed beautiful posters and t-shirts for the Mountain Harvest Festival, using her original designs. She also handled our advertising and internet updates.  Everything Andrea takes on for us is done in an extremely timely, professional way.  Her skill, experience, and artistic eye make her services very valuable." 

~Margot Richarson, Director - Mountain Harvest Festival

"Having worked with Andrea for over 4 years with promotional materials at the Paradise Theater & Green Lotus Events, I truly appreciate how effortlessly she can put my vision and ideas to the page.  Not only is she an amazing artist with a keen eye for detail, she is also very reliable and excellent with deadlines.  She can manage multiple project for me at once as well as see into the future and anticipate my needs.  She is very professional and personable which is the perfect blend for my business."

~Amy DeLuca, Director - Paradise Theater

"I’ve worked with Andrea for several years on various projects, she’s fun, inspiring, and her art work and marketing skills were real money makers for us. I loved having her on our festival team, she was helpful and encouraging to everyone, she completed her projects ahead of deadline, her awareness of detail was valuable to everyone, just a great person to work with."

-Laurene Bissell, Former Director - Mountain Harvest Festival

Mention in article in the Delta County Independent:

-Susan Ellinger, Blue Sage Center for the Arts - Concert Series Director

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The need to create is a spontaneous act of expressing my soul, my emotions, my visions, my non-spoken words.  The combination of motion, color, texture and sound is another natural way for me to communicate and maybe connect with others, or not. It is expressed none-the-less, and the action of its release fills and nourishes me.
graphic design / illustration / mix-media art / music by Andrea Lecos
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